Type: Which proficiency affects the weapon.
Base Damage: The amount of damage a weapon will do in the hands of someone with no strength.
Strength Factor: How quickly the damage increases based on the user's strength. With high strength, this is more important than base damage.
Agility Factor: How quickly the speed increases based on the user's agility.
Parry Rate: How often incoming attacks will be blocked with the weapon.
Durability: A weapon's resistance to wearing down with use. Weapons become less effective as they wear down.
Economy: How cost-effective a weapon type generally is to use--a combination of weapon cost and durability. Higher grade means lower repair costs.

Basic Weapon Types
Type Name Base Damage Strength Factor Agility Factor Parry Rate Durability Economy
Blunt File:Hammer.png Warhammer D A+ F F A A
File:Mace.png Mace D A- D D A+ A+
File:Staff.png Staff D+ C C A B- A
File:Rod.png Rod C D A C- B+ A+
Edged File:Axe.png Battle Axe C- A F+ F B+ B
File:2sword.png Two-handed Sword C B+ D- D C C-
File:Axe.png Hand Axe B+ C+ D+ D- B B+
File:Sword.png Sword</td> B+ C- B- C C C+
Piercing File:Partisan.png Partisan C B D- B C D+
File:Spear.png Spear B C- C B+ C C
File:Dagger.png Dagger A- F- A+ D C- B-
File:Estoc.png Estoc A F A- C+ C-- D
Marksmanship File:Bow.png Bow S A- F- None D F*
Unarmed File:Unarmed.png Fist (Nonproficient) D D+ B+ None Unlimited Free
File:Unarmed.png Fist (Proficient) D+ D+ B+ C- to A-** Unlimited Free
  • This does not include the cost of arrows.
  • The parry rate of unarmed combat is heavily dependent on the user's level of proficiency.


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