If one has ever wondered what it would be like to be a monster, the Spirit Shroud may take you one step closer to becoming a Spirit Walker. No, it does not give the wearer an absurdly fast casting speed, but it does lower elemental resistances to the point where even the sturdiest character will be taking hundreds of damage a hit. In order to compensate this cloak gives +400 HP and has 8 points of damage reduction, very high for a cloak, but these do little good against all but the very weakest of attacks.

In combat this armor doesn't seem to do a lot of good. In almost any situation you'll end up taking a higher percentage of damage than with no armor at all. With its low weight, one might find it worth just keeping this armor around to speed up HP regen when not in combat if one does not meet the requirements to use Sentinel Armor.

Another possibility is that a character with a high level of counter could equip this armor to increase the damage they take, thus increasing the damage of their counter attacks. Again, even with the HP boost they will likely find themselves dying much more quickly, but they may be quite effective with the aid of a healer. Another bonus for counter-attack characters is that increasing vitality will do little towards reducing damage in the shadow of the negative resistances, but will still increase HP.


Weight: 3 | Level requirement: 20 | Strength requirement: 5

Damage reduction (armor): 8

HP: +400

Fire, Lightning, Ice weapon resistance: -507%

Fire, Lightning, Ice, Light, Dark magic resistance: -544%

Poison resistance: -507%

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